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Recently I was asked something that often comes up in readings.
The topic of Abundance.
Please find the following as I share:

I would like to live an abundant life but don't know how to do this,

will I ever have abundance to do that?


Yes. Absolutely do ALL have abundance of nature to live a life of not living from a place of scarcity. This again I share: That Creator always gives us that in which we have our main focus on. If your main focus is that of which scarcity is finding, I would encourage that you change the thought so that the action can change as well. Please know this is not wrongness but an error of thought. Being that Creator always gives us what we have our main focus on and continues to grant us more of what we already have;  In order to find more abundance, see how much that you are abundant to begin with. Little things can change
the mind and the mood. You have more than enough food in your home; you have electricity in which to light your house and connect via the internet, you have an abundance of heat for warmth, and an abundance of bedding to which to rest your mind at night. If these small things are not enough
to prove to yourself that you are in fact, already abundant, look towards nature. You will see that there is an abundance of sunshine and an abundance of air. There is abundance in the blades of grasses and abundance of leaves on trees; there is an abundance of people in your neighborhood. Further I would like to share that if this does not prove abundance is in fact, all around you also look towards
the animals and in nature. The bird does not worry of the abundance of food or worms in the earth does it? It does not worry that there might not be enough air to fly in. I smile as I ask you of this as I know this is actually absolute Truth. No animal worries on their abundance as they already know they are being taken care of. Such should be too of the animal, Human. You too can see this abundance should
you be able to look out your window and count the blades of grass that grow in your back yard. How abundant you are begins with how you are feeling. To know how close you are to your alignment of this fact, check your emotions. The closer you are to alignment, the better off you will be feeling. The further away from that alignment, the more you will not feel as well. This is to say as you are feeling
lack, so shall there be lack. However, the more you are feeling abundant, and noticing it, the more abundance will, by Universal Law, be given to you. Start by seeing the little things, things that one sometimes takes for granted. Then you will find that you too are very abundant in many ways and thus because of abundant emotions and feelings, bring more abundance towards you in a greater more harmonious and inventive ways.
To answer you directly: Yes, you will find the abundance that you are looking for and
are desiring strongly as it is already in your vibrational pull.
You cannot not have abundance.
The Truth of Abundance is that we all have it tho not many see it.
 Open your eyes and see with your heart. Know that as with all creation,
you too are being cared for and abundant in so many valuable ways.
Do not talk of "I cannot afford this or that" as when we do this is an admittance of Lack,
and just as there are positive affirmations, there too are negative ones. So as we admit we 'cannot afford' we are absentmindedly placing out negative affirmation. Again I push the point, what our main focus is upon
is what Creator continues to give us. Never admit lack, instead affirm the thought into Desire.
"I desire this to be in my vibration, it will be so soon and I am excited for it!"  
So it is so, so it will be so.

Here is a very good article I found and wanted to share :)
I have to say that I *completely* agree with this! For those of you
who wonder at times, why a Psychic might be wrong, please read:

My Psychic was Wrong—Am I Being Scammed?

By: Mackenzie Wright

A lot of people are skeptical of psychics and warn that they’re all frauds. Thus, when you get a psychic reading that turns out to have little accuracy, you might get worried that it’s true. You might consider dropping your psychic and swearing off readings forever— but should you? Before you become a total skeptic yourself, consider some things you need to remember.
Were You Open to the Reading?

Some people are a bit frightened of psychics, afraid that the psychic can essentially see right into them and all the things they’ve thought and done. Some people are a bit frightened about their own situation and don’t really want to know what’s going on—they’re afraid of being told that they’re a bad person for things they’ve thought, or of being told that the nagging back pain is really a deadly disease.

Having these types of fears instinctually causes the subconscious to cry out, “shields up!”

Psychics can sometimes pick up on things long before you’re aware of them. Just because you can’t verify something right away doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Fear causes you to close yourself off from the reading. If you’re not open to it or cooperative, you’re giving a psychic very little to go on—they’ll get fragments, but they can be more puzzled by the information and have trouble piecing it together until you’re able to relax and let your natural guards down a bit.
Redirected Course

The future is not set in stone; between a reading and the time an event was predicted to happen, a lot of things can take place to change the outcome. For example, let’s say you’re very shy and timid, but really longing for love.

Your psychic may foresee that you have the opportunity to meet a possible love interest in the near future at a social gathering and encourages you to accept any party or dinner invitations. You accept a couple of invitations, but you become even more quiet and withdrawn than usual due to nervousness. Because of your behavior, someone who had been eyeing you thought you were closed off and unapproachable, and decided to mingle with others instead, never getting the opportunity to talk to you.

Remember that psychics can only tell you what’s possible; it’s your own actions and in-actions that are going to determine if you stay on that course.
Missing Information

Another possibility is that your psychic was not necessarily wrong; you just didn’t have all the information at the time. If your psychic asks you if a friend is ill, you might say “No, you’re wrong.” But there’s a good possibility that you have a friend who has not told you about an illness—or who does not himself know he’s ill yet. Perhaps he hasn’t visited a doctor yet.

Psychics can sometimes pick up on things long before you’re aware of them. Just because you can’t verify something right away doesn’t mean it’s wrong.
Psychics are Human

Yes, psychics can make mistakes. They intuit information, but then they have to interpret what it is they’re getting. Sometimes the interpretation can be off base, so when the psychic presents it to you it may not make sense.

A common instinct is to dismiss what appears to be a mistake out of hand—what you should really be doing is asking more details about the information coming to the psychic. It’s possible that the information coming in simply threw the psychic for a loop, and she couldn’t see how the piece fit into the puzzle. By knowing more, you may help her figure it out.

If your readings from this person are generally accurate, or if you’ve gotten good recommendations about this psychic from friends with satisfied readings, there’s no reason to panic and assume the worst. Psychics are not gods—and they never claim to be omnipotent. Like anyone else at work, they can have an off day and make mistakes. Take their entire reputation into account, not just one reading gone wrong.
Something I shared with a new friend of mine that I would also like to share with my readers..
So let the blog begin.. 
What I hope you understand as I share my thoughts is that they are highly controversial. This is your "new age" stuff here that I am going to share with you. Perhaps you've already heard of these things, perhaps not. If Im singing to the choir, my apologies.

I would like to speak about sickness... In this case, Cancer..  I have two short stories to share with you, the reader.. Please follow along

One story is that in which of my Mother. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in the year 2000. She passed in 2001, nearly a day to the year she found out.

To make a very long story short, my Mother it always seemed, had a suicide wish. When she found out about the cancer, things went down hill very quickly.

  My thoughts on this and why things went down hill so fast for her, are not because of her doctors or her treatments, but her thoughts and her beliefs. She seemed to believe that when a person is diagnosed with cancer, they die. Oddly enough, as I said, it was nearly one year to the day that she found out that she did pass.

The second person that I know of is in the form of a good friend of mine who was also diagnosed with cancer. She too struggled against it but fought and tried every thing under the sun to try and "cure" herself. All the new age techniques were done. Reiki, tonic's, spells even .. You name it, she tried it.. Her doctors told her that she had less than 6 months to live, and she went on to live much longer than that. I believe the reason why she out lived what her doctors suggested, was again, because of
her thoughts.

Now I will be utmost honest with you here. I do not know a thing about cancer, or how it works, or the newly invented cures that Dr's supposedly have.. But what I do know a LOT about is beliefs.

What I want to share with you is yes, controversial. But I also have done much research about this. As you've seen on my website, I teach how to manifest. And manifesting isnt just having a pit bull type of attitude that you grab on to something and this is the way its going to be like it or not, you're going to do it, period.

No no no no no!! Manifestation is much more than that. It is a belief system.
A core belief system.

Here's another short story from my personal experience. Last Feb in 2012, I woke up one day with Bells Palsy on the right hand side of my face. Oddly enough.. As some were panicking around me.. I felt no panic in the slightest. I didnt worry, I didnt fret, I didnt think I was being punished, I just knew that I had Bells Palsy and that I needed to heal myself. I knew in my heart, that I could. Intelligently I do know that the body is set up to heal itself, whether there are Dr's involved or not.
Im *not* knocking Dr's, always always.. ALWAYS do as your physician recommends!! Im just saying that the body is designed to heal itself. Sometimes Dr's help the design, sometimes not.. But ALWAYS it is a mind set.. That you can heal, and in big leaps and bounds.

I meditated with Spirit about my Bells Palsy. I seen myself as whole and healed. I never once let it come into my mind that Bells Palsy was going to absorb me or my core being. I had the mindset of
"This is not the end of me, its only an experience. One I can muster through".

My very own primary care physician said that I could "
possibly" be healed "some" in 6 months. You can only imagine her surprise when in 3 weeks I walked back into her office and she couldnt see hardly any signs of Bells Palsy. Her shock was my smile. I knew what had happened. I let my body heal itself, without the help of hospitals or any physical therapy. She told me that in her entire practice, shes never seen anyone seemingly heal so quickly when it came to Bells Palsy and she wanted to know what I did.

What I told her, Im going to share with you because I believe that this applies to everything. Whether its cancer, bells palsy, or you name it.. This applies to lots and lots of things...

If a person believes they will be healed, they will heal. If they believe it strong enough, and Im talking core strength here, not just that pit bull Im gonna do it sort of thing..
They have to BELIEVE it with their entire being.. That they can and WILL heal... That they are worthy of life and living and of loving... They will heal.. In one way shape or form.

It sounds entirely way too simple doesnt it?? This is something that a lot of Doctors will not share with their patients. And that is.. If you want to heal, first and foremost, you have to believe you're going to heal. No second guessing, no worries, no fretting.. Just that knowing.. The core knowledge that the body is designed to heal itself, and it will.

A person need not to put all that out there and then also worry about if they did it right or wrong. There IS no right or wrong to this. But they just have to believe, as I said, believe without question, their core belief..
That this is the way its going to be, period.

Too simple you may say.. And yes, to some, it is entirely way too simple. And those people, I will visit at their calling hours. The ones who have experienced this type of healing, I will visit in another 20yrs and they'll still be going strong.

It sounds strange I know.. But also too there is sometimes a reward to being "sick". Take for example, my Mother. When she got sick, and Im not trying to be mean, Im stating facts.. But when she got sick, people catered to her, they helped her, they smiled at her, they talked to her nicely. So there was an advantage of being sick. Throw in the fact that she was going to die, and she got more benefit from others. She got even more help because she was truly an awesome person, and others didnt want to see her pass. (Humans are so selfish btw when it comes to death, but thats another topic for another time)

Im not saying that everyone on the planet is that way.. But yes, there are people who seem to feel more important once they're sick. Especially with something so dreadful as cancer.

The trick to all of this is to be
gut wretchedly honest with yourself. YOURSELF. It is ok to admit that its nice when people wait on us and its nice to feel that people want to help us, and its a wonderful feeling that people do not want to see you ill.. because humans are selfish and they think then that you're "gone" never to be seen again, which again, is a whole other topic all together.

My point is......... To "heal" from anything, cancer or anything else, this even boils down to emotional issues and such.. First we have to get gut wretchedly honest with ourselves and say.. "Hey, it kinda is nice when Im sick because others show me attention". It might sound selfish, but from that point on, that sort of honesty with yourself is the very first step in any recovery.

The next step is to ask yourself.. Do you want to die or not??? And if you dont want to die, then why not?? And if you do want to die, then why?? And explore the emotional side to all of this. From the very beginning of..... "When I was little I never got my way, and I was made fun of and bullied" to the end of it......."Its my final days and I can go out kicking and screaming or I can pass quietly showing as much unconditional love as I can to .....

You dont want to certain things in your life???? You dont have to have certain things in your life... This is your choice.. And this is some of your choices..  Meditate, or clearly envision yourself as a whole and healthy be-ing. Because we are whole and healthy be-ings to begin with. We are
PERFECT in every measure and way, period.

The psychology around this is one of .... *Sometimes we dont always get what we want.. And sometimes we do.. We are on this island called earth.. And on this island called earth are other animals.. Some furry, and some human.. Animals never fear their own death. Why should we? Animals dont give up until they know its their time. And so why cant we?? (*Borrowed phrases)

Leaning strongly on your faith.. YOUR faith, not following someone else around.. Because things outside of ourselves are illusions. This is all an illusion.. Even my words as Im sharing them with you right now.. Its an illusion and as I share.. Even these words are not new. When you come to find these words an hour or 3 hours from now or five days or a year from now, they will be old.... (*Borrowed phrases)
And so it is with sickness. Its an illusion. You can either say, "Yup, I believe the illusion, and Im going to die" or you can say, "No, I do not believe the illusion" and live. Which do you choose???? Because thats what it boils down to at the end of the day........
Do you choose to live life and find joy inside of yourself, or do you choose to die and simply merge with the ground ie: earth, the island, 3rd planet from the sun????

I hope this makes sense and I hope what I said helps in some way.. Either the cancer/sick patient can believe the illusion, or not. If they choose not to believe the illusion, then every tonic, pill and oncologist will help them for their best and highest. If they choose to believe in the illusion, the cancer, aids, or any other sickness, the common cold... Will kill them. 
**Phrases borrowed from B. Smythe
Dear Readers~
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Just Mei:

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