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"An American pacifist and 1931 Nobel Peace Prize winner Jane Addams once said, "action indeed is the sole medium of expression for ethics." As professional psychics, we are thrust or driven to the position of spiritual leaders. Whether or not we openly accept responsibility for this role, this sacred trust has already been gifted to us by our clients. While we may all be adept at communicating our ethics and morals, they are all without value if we do not live them. “  www.earthshod.com

As the above is stated and borrowed from earthshod, I must insist on writing my own code of ethics and responsibilities. First and foremost I want to say that if *any* psychic, medium, tarot reader, clairvoyant or anyone of the like tells you that they are 100% accurate, 100% of the time, that they are lying to you!  

In my code of ethics, it is highly important to me that you receive the best and highest reading for your best and highest good! I won’t lie to you, there are some readers out there that are all for your hard earned money and do not have your best intentions in mind when you sit down in front of them. Some readers are very dramatic and poise their readings only in the negative. Some readers will insist they are correct when you know in your heart that they are not.

 You will not get this from me. I hold an extremely high code of ethics and I refuse to be any part of anything or anyone who does not hold a similar code of ethic as well.

There is a right way and a wrong way to deliver any sort of “bad news” to a client. If you are told in a reading that you or a loved one is going to die, have extreme health problems that cannot ever be overcome or any other “catastrophe”, that reader does not have what it takes to give a proper and heartfelt reading and it is but my suggestion, but personally I would look elsewhere.

While some people may feel that psychics are controversial or taboo, or for entertainment purposes only, I myself must deviate from that and say that yes, there are some not so good “psychic” readers out there that do take advantage and are purely for entertainment purposes, but sadly, they happen to give the rest of us a bad name. It is of my opinion, and my opinion only, that what I have been gifted with has been from Source Energy, Spirit or God and it is my utmost concern and priority to give ALL of my clients the best possible and attentive read.

Giving a great reading has more to do with helping a person find great choices for themselves. We can absolutely let another know that there might be an issue coming forth but a great reader will also have the resources, the knowledge and the know how to help the person sitting in front of them. Be it by asking them to visit their doctor, speak to a loved one or perhaps look inwardly at themselves and to God.

You, as a Seeker of Knowledge, must also understand that what a reader picks up on while you are in front of them is just that. While you are in front of them!! You also must understand that conditions can and do change depending upon your own choices and subjection's.

There is absolutely *nothing* set in stone, we each have our own Free Will and are being guided by Spirit for either lessons or our own personal development.

Spirit gave YOU absolute Free Will and I will do my best to encourage, support, advise or counsel. However, these are and always will be your conscious choices. I cannot make choices for you. You are the one who creates your NOW and you are the one who ultimately creates your future. I promise to absolutely encourage, help, and try to show you the way and give you insights in such that you can find your own personal power to create the world YOU desire.

I will absolutely encourage you to open your heart to God, Spirit, Source Energy or whatever you choose to call your own private “Absolute Being”.  I will also always encourage and show you how to stay connected, grounded, healthy, and positive with the utmost compassion and sincere dedication to whatever cause it is that you should happen to ask of me.

I will absolutely help you in your steady advancement with your active awareness of your Spirit Consciousness and help you to manifest your “Self “as a Child of God while knowing that we are all extensions of one another’s processes/lives. I understand the essential elements in the process of creating the reality that you so desire. With love and compassion I will comfort, console and partake, I will encourage and help you to understand your role in your destiny. I will show you with excitement and loyalty how to open your heart to any and all healing, and help you to see yourself as the amazing and beautiful creature Spirit/God/Source Energy see’s you as.

I will do my best to give you the knowledge and insights that empower you, inspire you, and let you know that you are cared for and loved as an individual in the center of many, as extensions of ourselves creating the whole.

I promise to gently, carefully and with great compassion and consideration be completely forthright so that you will be empowered by Truth.

As nothing is ever set in stone, I will not predict ever, a “set in stone” future in an intuitive reading or otherwise. I will strive to give you tools to accord and accredit you to your best and highest good.  

As I've previously said in some of my articles and in interviews, I encourage you always to ask questions in any reading or council. I understand that any reading is a great responsibility and will make every effort to be sure your reading is clear and insightful.

Please understand that I am not qualified to give medical, financial or legal advice, however if this should come up in a reading, I will do my best to explain but I will always, always ask you to seek the advice of a qualified expert.

And lastly, without judgment, I will always strive to give you my fullest attention, my utmost respect and an open heart.
As always please understand that your reading and your personal information is highly confidential. It will never be shared with anyone or any organization.

©1990-2016 Meichelle Spirit. All Rights Reserved.