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Being that it is completely enjoyable for me to do the things that I do, and as I am overwhelmingly honored to be able to help the people that I do, I'm creating this donation page so that if you feel like offering a donation you can.
Donations will be used for running this website and having the ability to have more time for you when you need it. Donations are not a way of making money, but donations will help in the matter of my being able to be more available and accessible to the public, and you. 
Also, all of whom know me on a personal level know that children are extremely important to me. I see them as not only innocent beings of Love and Light, but the hope for our future. Because of this, and in my way of giving back.. 10% of all donations will go to The Children's Fund, an organization to provide children in need with loving homes, quality schools, medical care and hope. 
I wish to thank you all in advance, blessings to each one of you, your donation will mean a lot to not just myself, but also to the children in whom which truly need it. 
Blessings and as always~