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A Day in The Life of A Psychic

- Some answered questions and facts -

I wanted to write this section because so many people have mixed ideas of what Intuition/Mediumship is and what it is not. My day is not quite unlike your own. I wake up, take my shower, enjoy my family, play with my dogs, take care of the house, do the grocery shopping and all the other random things that individuals do.  I also enjoy music, reading my books, and seeing a great movie. Meaning I suppose, that outside of being intuitive, that I'm just like you and I do just the same normal things that you do.

Being intuitive does not mean that I am intuitive 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. And if you should speak to someone who claims that they are, trust me, they’re lying to you.

Being intuitive does not mean being a mind reader.

I am not psychiatrist, nor a mind reader. So if you should schedule a reading, please ask as many questions as you like, but also please let me tune in with you first. This can be as simple as letting me absorb your energy while you might sit quietly for a few moments. I've had the occasional reading where a person comes to me, sits across the table, folds their arms and expects me to know what is on their mind.  I will be completely honest with you, yes, there are times that I can pick up on someone like that, but this is what I feel is a "challenge" or that I'm being "tested" by the other person. If you are challenging your psychic, you’re also blocking the psychic of your energy, and trust me; your reading will not go as well as if you were to come to me, sit naturally and calmly and have a few questions ready and at hand and are open and willing.

Being intuitive does not mean that I can pick up on you constantly, any time of the day or night or that I can sit beside you and randomly tap into you any time I like. Just as anyone else, we all need some down time. I too, need to have some down time as well, not only for myself, but for my clients. If I am stressed, over worked or in need of rest, not only do I suffer for it, so do my clients.

What this means is the energy link from others will do one of two things:

A.)   It will automatically click in and I’ll pick up on anything and everything randomly 

B.)    I won’t pick up as much or anything at all.

Being intuitive does mean that yes, there will be times when I connect with energies and it’s not intentional. There has been in the past, the occasional time when someone will be around and opening themselves or their energies and not realize it. A stranger on the street in deep thought about a project or in a deep daydream can catch my attention.  For me, going to the grocery can be a very interesting concept if I'm tuned in. The same with very large crowds. I personally don’t care to be in very very large crowds where there is a lot of excitement or commotion because I pick up on the energy and lots of times it can feel very overwhelming. I do ask the Uppers to please tone it down a notch when it happens and yes, that does help. Also, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for me to go to a large gathering or a large outing, but it can mean that I pick up on a high volume of energy at one time and it can be quite difficult. There are times when I've been in a large crowd and have picked up on the crying baby, or the distressed woman or a cranky old man. All of this goes hand in hand with being intuitive and being an empath.  For the ones that are very sensitive to energy work, this can be very difficult.

This can also happen in my home. If there is a lot of excitement or a lot of drama going on, I get particularly sensitive. Loud voices or extreme spaziness or loud music can affect the energy that I pick up on at the house as well and at times will oftentimes set me on edge and is very uncomfortable. Tho in all truth, I usually do enjoy the music :) And softer gentler music comes to my mind as colors and floaty things if I concentrate.

I also get very strong vibrations with children, especially if they’ve been hurt, or are hurt. It’s extremely hard for me to walk away from that. Maybe it’s the mother bear in me, but when the child is in emotional distress or in physical pain, especially if that child is close to me, I physically feel it as well and it’s as if I'm holding my breath until the child's pain passes. As an example, I had that very thing happen to me once when my son was very young and got hurt. After I got him to the hospital and he was taken care of, my sensory perceptions went into over load so much so that I literally got sick and had to rush to a nearby garbage bin and after, nearly fainted – All after he was taken care of!!!

Being a Medium does mean, from time to time, a loved one or someone comes to visit or has questions or curiosities for me or for the person I'm reading. Yes, being a Medium for me means the occasional interruption like this. This is not as controlled; tho there is the occasion when I do ask if and when they show up, to please wait until the person they are looking for is in front of me or to please stop back another time. However, some are very persistent. Some want my attention right now. And when that happens, just like with my intuition, I listen. I’ve said to friends, it’s almost as if I'm being nagged. That I have to listen or that I have to listen and then give the message to the person that the Entity is looking for. I will very easily pick up on Spirits that are wondering, some feeling lost, some feeling confused and some very sad or emotional. This will happen at times when I least expect it or when I have a client in front of me. Always do I ask for validation from the Entity's energy so that the person I'm reading knows that yes, this truly is Uncle Harry :) 

Being intuitive does not mean picking out the lottery numbers, and it doesn’t mean picking the right winning scratch off lottery ticket. This to me is abuse of the gift and as everyone knows, my code of ethics is always in place.

Being intuitive does not mean that I can read you at the drop of a hat, especially if I'm in the middle of doing something.  Just like when you are preparing to go to work, there are times when I need to prepare myself too. I do this with meditation and or creative visualizations. The better I can relax and focus, the better the outcome. Tho I almost always can count on my intuition and Spirit to guide me when I am needed, so if there is the occasional unexpected question or emergency, I quite normally can answer.  There has been more than a few times someone will ask something of me on the spur of the moment and I have been able to connect immediately. But it also depends on a number of things as well. It depends on what I’m doing at that exact moment, if I'm tuned in, and if I'm not over worked or stressed or being able to connect to the situation right away. Another example was a time when I was just coming out of a movie theater with my family and a young girl was laying on the floor in a very bad way. I couldn’t walk away or ignore her or ask someone else to help her. I was called and immediately I reacted and helped with Reiki and soothing words and actions until help arrived. Afterwards, in my car, my "connectors" were still stricken and I needed to have quiet downtime and listen to some soft music to move me out of the energy I had just walked away from. Yes, intuition can be “tapped off” but it can also be immediately “tapped on” when it’s called for.  

So what can you expect during a reading?  

Please allow your energy to flow casually and naturally.  

Please try to have a few questions ready for me.

While it's not necessary to have everything outlined and precise to the point, having questions beforehand is helpful.  

Please know that Loved Ones do not always show up on command,

but it is possible that they will take the opportunity to stop by during the reading.  

Once I'm going, please feel free to stop me and ask me to explain something in more clarity if you like.  

Please allow your mind to remain open and know that the information that I receive is not set in stone, that there is always Free Will, and that means the possibility that if you change something in your life, that the things I see for you when you're in front of me that day, could very well be different six months from now. 

I hope that this helps you to understand a little bit more of what it is like to be Intuitive and a Medium. If you should have any questions, by all means, please feel free to contact me!


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