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And from around the Globe, many, many thanks to you as well! Nameste'!!
It is with utmost appreciation, respect and gratitude that I share these testimonials.
To my clients and my friends I hold you so very profoundly <3
Thank you tremendously for your continued love and support!!

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My reading was very informative with in-depth answers.I was really impressed
with the follow up questions to clarify further the reading.I was impressed
with also the fast delivery of the order and prompt reply.I will definitely
purchase again because the communication and experience was wonderful. 
Thank you so much for your amazing readings!!!! I am so very impressed with your ability
to communicate with the crossed over spirits!!!! Truly amazing gift!!!!! A+ and 5 stars!!! 
Absolutely amazing!!! Thank you for your guidance! Highly recommend a reading!!!
Amazing reading! I can't believe I got so much out of it. I'm giving her a tip. This is way beyond my expectations! 
Wow! All I can say is...wow! Resonated with me and was accurate.
Reading was delivered with emotional care and honesty and I was extremely impressed!!!!
I will absolutely use again and refer to anyone in need of guidance! Thank you so much! :)
Extraordinary-goes above and beyond. Provided a very heartfelt,accurate
and detailed reading that had many relevant issues and people
I did not even ask about. Definitely the real deal and would highly recommend!
A very wise, incredibly gifted intuitive. Thank you! 
Outstanding Experience! 
Very Honest and fast reader..She wont tell you what you want to hear.
She tells you the truth...Very glad I found you!
. I highly recommend a reading from this psychic, very intuitive,
and NOT judgmental like some psychics I have came across.
If you get a reading I guarantee you will be happy
Meichelle is kinda SCARY! This is my 3rd reading with her over the past couple of years
and Meichelle is always accurate and helpful.
If you're open to the truth, and ready to follow up with your own effort,
Meichelle is the reader for you! 
The reading was AMAZING!!! Meichelle was extremely detailed and specific-
about reasons, outcomes, timeframes.
She's SO kind and positive!!
I can really feel her good energy hours after my reading :)
I am very grateful and inspired.
I can't wait to see how it turns out. I highly recommend her! 
Thank you Meichelle!!! I truly love your readings & that you always explain everything in such great detail :-) 
I really do not know how to express my thanks....Love and blessings for you and your family 
Straight forward and answered my questions with clarity and insight.
I like neither vague nor general readings and thankfully this was completely different.
To the point without any fluff, will be back if i need more guidance =) 
Thanks for the reading! This is a great value and I now have some beliefs confirmed,
as well as some new insight that is very relevant to what I'm doing.
If you know how to properly utilize the skills of a psychic, you will enjoy her readings. :) 
I honestly cannot say enough good things about Meichelle .
She blew my mind and totally over delivered with a beautiful message
filled with hope and positivity. What a fantastic and uplifting experience!! 
This reading has brought me to tears, what a wonderful reading and so thorough.
I will definitely be back again. Thank you!  

Thank you so much Meichelle ! the reading is awesome ! God Bless you , xoxo
Spot on, thank you for your assistance!
EXCELLENT service! I will buy this service again!!!!

Meichelle is so amazing :)
So kind, and tells you exactly what you need to know,
and in such a lovely way.
Thank you. Very insightful and thank you for 'open arms' with clarification and questions.
You helped clear lots of unanswered thoughts. Thank you for your help. :) x
Everything was right on! Best Reading I've had. Thank you so much!
I strongly recommend Meichelle. Accurate, compassive, helpful, generous...
*******NAMASTE *******
She is very compassionate and very onto it. A very warm thanks to Meichelle!
Incredible,this lady must be the real deal.The information i received was accurate.I recommend Meichele!
It was an incredible experience. She provided very accurate information and it was excellent.
I will be back more, as i want to know much more. She answered all my questions very well.
Great service, i would highly recommend her. Thank you very much for your advice Meichelle
Meichelle is amazing! She is a caring, genuine reader who goes out if her way to give you a
detailed reading with as much clarification as you need.
She has supported me with many readings and I would be lost without her.
Thank you Meichelle I love my reading and you were so right on point !!! Thank You again !!!
Had an email reading, she took a lot of time to write in detail,
which I appreciate a lot. Spot ON! Thanks for the awesome reading!
Thank you so much for the reading. I am very pleased with your
guidance and clarity! Will be contacting you again!
Gave me a very positive outlook and totally made my weekend.
I have had many psychic readings from people claiming to be psychics
but this is the first one which made any sense to me!!!
She knows what I am going through and her advice is good. I recommend her!
Alice Louis:
Brilliant, thanks for the guidance. :) I very much appreciate the time that
you have put into your work - wonderful service!
I had my reading 6 months or so ago and I am just now seeing the reading
come to be entirely correct. Nothing wrong with that at all!!!! Meichelle is great!!!
Incredibly enlightening and positive!! <3
She is very spiritually aware and able to connect.
Lisa Rose:
Amazing, as usual!
Thank you! As always, you are so on target and your incredible insight
gives me a clear view of what I need to do.
Amazing. Just simply, amazing!
She gave me really in depth 5 page email reading!!
Wonderful! I'm a many time repeat customer of Meichelle! Highly recommend!!!!!
Amazing!!! Very detailed insights and accurate!! Will be coming for more..

I can't say enough good things about Meichelle. This is my third reading with her and - as usual - she has over delivered! She gave me a long and personal answer to my questions
and really put my mind at ease. I feel as if I've found a trusted friend.
The very best and compassionate reader! Thanks so much!!!!


Thank you so much! Your reading was very helpful and so true!


I'm very grateful for Meichelle's sincere and thoughtful reading.
There was much wisdom and care put into it. I do think it will help me for the better.
Try out one of her readings, and more than likely you'll be happy you did :-).


Thank you very much Meichelle for the SPOT ON reading
and generously giving valuable tips, thank you again.


Thank u so much for your help u will hear from me again very soon lol :-)


An accurate, credible and patient reader. Wholeheartedly recommended.


thank you for the reading - was lovely :)


Very good! Try her!


I cannot thank you enough for the lovely reading!
Put a lot of things in perspective and put my mind at ease.
Delighted with what you have told me ( especially the first answer ...phew!) .
Onwards and upwards - feeling very encouraged and happy.
Yippie! Will be coming back again..X


Thank you Meichelle. I look forward with positiveness and grand excitement-
the resonating vibrations and happiness.


Thanks Meichelle you're the best, and your work is very much appreciated!


MEICHELLE ! ..I am so Grateful, Honored and Inspired by YOU.
You made me laugh, cry and burst with overwhelming excitement
(especially on the twin flame thing! I cant wait!)
Overall..you brought me some awakening.
I need more ppl like you around me...
I am forever indebted to you...THANK YOU..!


Thank you THANK YOU


Very accurate reading and has confirmed some things for me...
Thank you very much Meichelle!




Quick and detailed response. Very happy with the reading. Great advice given.


Very, very happy with reading! Picked up on so many details!
Very accurate and detailed information! Will be back again!


Thank you! Excellent insight and confirmation.


Really happy with what Meichelle got, makes me want
to get another reading off her to be honest.


Meichelle is very kind and caring, she rested my mind completely.
I have been stressing over my situation for days and days
until I decided to try this out,
her readings are extremely accurate and I personally
highly recommend this! I feel better than ever now. Thank you!


Great service !!!


Many thanks for the reading. Your message is very meaningful to me. Namastae'


Wonderful again. Thanks a lot for you quick reply and much appreciate answers.


Loved Meichelle whom was very caring and accurate.
FEELING much better with her guidance.
More information was relayed than I expected and the information was
spot on accurate. She is the real deal!
A truly gifted professional!!


Unbelievably insightful information.
Very fast delivery. Thank you so much.
I can focus on what works and not waste my time!


Meichelle is awesome you wont be disappointed!


Awesome! Thanks a lot for the answers and clarifications
and your willingness to help people!


Spectacular as always!! <3


Wonderful and thank you so much Meichelle!


Really interesting, thanks!


Another wonderful experience!
The reading I received added much clarity to issues that were unclear to me.
And I like Meichelle's attitude - wanting to help others for the sake of helping rather
than to make a buck. Thanks so much for all you do! It's much appreciated.


I got the best reading ever!!!
Triple Five Star service! Meichelle is the real deal, without a doubt.
You are generous and kind, Meichelle.
I will definitely order again...when I can think of another
3 burning questions! ;-) Many thanks!


A very sincere reading, addressing my questions completely. Thanks!


Meichelle --- 'thank you' doesnt seem to be adequate
enough for my gratitude,but it's all I have for right now.
I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my questions
in such amazing detail.
You clearly took great care to help me.
I will definitely seek your assistance in the near future!


Meichelle! thank you very much, You are a great person.
So happy i found you! I highly appreciate you...


Quick and interesting work!!


Wonderful as always. Very honest and sincere.


Thank you, a lot of what you said seems to fit and makes sense!


What a great reading! Thank you!!


Very kind hear-ted and genuine! Very detailed review! Thanks for the time and dedication!


Thank you so much for your intuition!


Absolutely great and thorough answers!
I'm looking forward to
seeing the outcome.
Thanks again for your professional approach!


Your answers were very accurate to my current situations,
and you definitely clarified a lot for me.
This was everything I needed to hear right now. Thank you so much!!


Meichelle was very considerate and helpful.
She was accurate in answering my questions. Thank you for your help.

Very informative! Good Reading!!!


Thank you sooo much!


Very insightful and helpful.
She is the real deal.
Her gift, time, and efforts are worth way more!


Thanks for the answers - very interesting and definitely rings a few bells! thanks!


Meichelle is a sweet and compassionate woman, taking a holistic approach to her gift.
What she offers goes beyond worth it, and demonstrates her genuine care and generosity!


Top notch. I am very grateful for this insight. Thank you!


Meichellespirit is the genuine thing. She gave me an overview that startled me with its specificity,
and when I told her as an afterthought that I had problems connecting to my guides,
she elaborated on how I might improve my connection with them.
Excellent reading from a beautiful spirit.
Thank you! You are truly "right on" with this and I thoroughly enjoyed the reading.
Thank you! AMAZING! This woman is an amazing Psychic Medium! <3! Amazing talent!!!
What a beautiful soul, thank you Meichelle :)


I feel much better thank you so much!

Thank you, Meichelle for the super fast response and the very detailed reading.
A lot of this is what I suspect. Please let me know if you should get anything more
and I will be sure to order additional gigs.
Meichelle is the real deal! Awesome!

Great. detailed answers!


It as if she knew me for years!
That's how good and amazing this woman is!
HOLY MOLLY! I'm coming back in the future!
You truly have the most amazing gift ever! Thank you so much. <3!

Thank you so much for such a quick response and a great reading!!! I will be back again :-)


Very insightful advice. I will read and re-read to absorb this extensive message. Thank you Meichelle! :)


An authentic, credible and honest reader. The real deal.


Thank you so much, Meichelle!
You went above and beyond to make sure
I understood the messages. I asked a lot of follow-up questions...
and you never once communicated irritation or impatience.
I feel so much better after your reading.
My third reading... and I'm sure I will be back for more!! :)


Quick delivery! Very insightful! Thank you!


Very honest and inspirational. Meichelle is kind, caring and fun. Really enjoyed this reading.
What an outstanding reading!
I keep returning to Meichelle because her readings make sense.
I am convinced that she knows what she is saying.
Her responses are as complete as possible.
Plus she graciously clarifies any questions you may have.
I highly recommend her. :o)

Real deal.
No question about it.
I have never felt such loving connection with a psychic
I've never met in person before.
Meichelle really cares about her clients.
You can feel it.
She's honest, reliable and fair. You will be pleasantly surprised :)

 Thanks,, really appreciate your guidance!


Amazing as always - thank you <3 

This reading was for my Best Friend.
I have to tell you she was touched.
She told me to write "The reading was most appreciative and very helpful...very!"
Thank you!! 

Wonderful!! Thank you, Meichelle! :)

Wow...excellent reading and speedy response.
I am impressed with both and look forward to the near future.
Meichelle, I will certainly visit you again. Thanks and Nameste' to you!

Meichelle is tops!
I was general in what is going on, and she was on top of it.
In 2 weeks I will get my answers on this side of the universe
that will confirm what Michelle told me.
I was told both positive and negative,
so don't expect her to give you just the good (unless you ask) I will be back!

Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Meichelle!
She is so compassionate, kind, and empathetic.
Not to mention, she absolutely knows what she is talking about.
100% accurate!! And delivered my reading in only a few hours!
Will definitely be back! Thank you, Meichelle!


                   Another excellent reading! Thanks so much Meichelle!

                  Meichelle is absolutely wonderful!
She is fast, empathetic and accurate!
would ask her again and highly recommend. <3


                 I'm really blown by the responses, I WILL be contacting Meichelle again in the future. :)


I was really impressed with Meichelle's reading!
She wrote about a work-related matter that I did not even discuss with her.
Her reading was thorough, detailed, and made sense to me.
I highly recommend this gig to everyone.


            thank you this has given me some awesome insight i will be placing another order

       quick response and very nice reading thank you!

       Thank you so much i feel better about things now

      Thank you very much for this--your messages are always encouraging!

      Thanks so much for the answers! I am so blessed to be able to do what I love.
I highlyy recommend you to others and I am sure you will be hearing from me again!


   Bless-ssed Thank You's Meichelle! Your's was a glorious reading for me.
I am empowered and informed to the good by what you've shared with me here.
Thank you for being amazing. K


      Meichelle, what a wonderful reading, thanks for clearing up my questions.
so much detail in a mini reading you are truly gifted.
I feel confident in moving forward now and know what direction to take.
If I had more than two thumbs they would all be up! ;)
Wishing you love and light in everything. S


     Thank you so much for your wonderful reading!

     Hi Meichelle Thank you for your reading.
Thanks for your compassionate response.
I can tell you're a kind and loving soul.
Thanks so much.. Namaste Todd AAAA++++


      Lovely, thank you for this! You will hear from me again.

     Great advice!Thanks!!

    Thanks Meichelle for a GREAT READING!!!!


    Thank you! The answers were detailed enough to show
that you have picked up in what is happening around me -
my sister has just moved back to our hometown,
so our fathers family are keeping everything in check. Thank you!




   Extremely fast turn around! Exceeded my expectations! Thanks!


   Did a GREAT job. Will have to wait and see what happens
but definitely gave an in depth answer and was very nice. Two thumbs up :) 
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