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Interview with Meichelle
By: Rhonda Farabee

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

I am an Psychic Medium and an Ordained Minister with the state of Ohio among other things. I'm also Mother and live in Ohio. I constantly study just about anything in a Spiritual nature. I've been called “so open minded that my brain will fall out” because I truly am extremely open to many Spiritual things and am not in the slightest judgmental to what many others might be. My life seems to revolve around my family and Source.

How long have you been teaching your workshops and what workshops do you offer?.

This is a new workshop for me, but it is not a new concept for me. I practice what I preach so to speak. I’ve been teaching my workshop at The Hidden Path for around 6 months give or take. What it mostly offers is hope to people that they can manifest their goals and ideas with simple techniques and approaches. That they have it within themselves to do this. That they don’t have to just live an ordinary life, but have an extra ordinary life! And to do this is to keep looking forward, to keep leaning on Spirit when the tough gets going and know and have resilience of themselves and for themselves.

Can you give a brief explanation of what your workshops are?

Positive manifestation and Spiritual enlightenment. To know and understand that anything we put our minds to, we can achieve. And that does mean anything! That things are not outwardly, but inwardly. To trust our emotional guidance systems and Source. That if we want something different that we need to do something different. To seek change in and around us through the practice of positive thinking [manifestations] and the responsibility that everything begins and ends with us. That life is a process, not a game and that in difficulty there are options to help better ourselves and our way of living.

How did you end up doing what you do? Was there any reason why you chose these specific workshops? Or maybe, they chose you?

I have always been a pretty optimistic person and have a deep passion for helping others. Sometimes it feels like people happen to fall into my lap. I don’t seek them out. It seems the other way around. Most people seek me out when they are having very difficult and hard times in their life. My past, my past life.. Was extremely hard for me. .. I am not the person I was 20yrs ago, I've had to go through an enormous amount of difficulty, transition and suffering myself. Unfortunately, I also had to go it alone. I never had the direction that I offer and try to give to the people in my workshops or in my Spiritual Counseling. The reason I do what I do is that I would hate to see anyone have to go through some of the things that I have endured through my years on this planet and them feel like there isn’t someone who really cares or that they are alone and that there is no way out or that there is no help available. I tell everyone that if I can help only but one person, then I’ve done my job right. I don’t feel as though I picked what I did, but was chosen.

How did you find out about The Hidden Path? How did you come across the opportunity to teach there?

I’ve been good friends with April and Linda (owners of The Hidden Path) since right around the time they opened. I stumbled across The Hidden Path when I looked online for a new age store and The Hidden Path’s name came up. April and Linda now are more family to me than just friends, I’d do anything for them. They are truly the very closest people in my life and I am extremely touched and grateful that we were bought together. Words cannot express the deepest emotion of love and appreciation I have for both of them! When they expanded The Hidden Path they were looking for new services. At the time I was already a Spiritual Adviser there helping people. The workshop came naturally, it felt to me like an extension of who I am. I put together a lesson plan and spoke to them both about the workshop and what I had intended to set forth to do. All three of us liked the idea and my workshop was put into motion soon after!

For people who may not know much about Metaphysics, could you explain a little about it or what it might entail?

Metaphysics in a nutshell is a naturally evolving and emerging form of spirituality, a spiritual process that includes ALL forms of spirituality, religion, spiritual processes without their worst [dogma] and also includes and integrates related universe evolutionary worldviews and general scientific knowledge. This is not new. Plato and Aristotle were also Metaphysical in nature as well. They strived to expand toward theoretical concepts too in their forms of spirituality and spiritual processes. MetaSpiritually or Metaphysically speaking, today’s concepts also have open source spirituality, personal spirituality, evolutionary spirituality, integral spirituality and many, many others. Process theology and creation spirituality are all making significant contributions these days to the emergence of new ways of thinking and being In-Spirit or The Higher Self. Science also grounds in a form of meta-spirituality and naturally creates that which includes and transcends all current religions and spiritual organizations and the very best of our vast heritage of spiritual wisdom and religious traditions.

Do you have any certain rituals that you like to do before a class? How about after?

In the beginning I started the workshop off with a prayer that involved all of my students. Because the class has so many diverse students with each their own belief systems, now I usually meditate before the class myself asking that Spirit attend and guide us all to best understand any and all information that might be brought up. As I tell everyone, the level or amount of content covered in the workshop is always dependent on the learning needs of the group. I might start off with a new concept but if a student has other questions (which I encourage) we might wind up going in an altogether different route for the evening. Afterwards I always thank Spirit for bringing me the people that need the most help because I feel I learn just as much through them as they do me and I always always let my students know in one way or the other that they are very much supported and appreciated.

What do you hope to teach your students by the time they leave your workshop?

What I hope to teach my students the very most is that there is HOPE and that whatever they are facing, be it financially, life matters, family matters etc. That they can get through. I teach that we are all responsible for our own choices that we make and that we can start over any time that we choose, that we are worthy and deserving. That life is more than just living, but living life.

Your web page shows that you have a wide variety of experience in many spiritual fields. Do you have any suggestions for people who may want to further their education in any of these fields?

Yes! Study anything and everything that draws you the most. Let Spirit be your guide. Trust in yourself that you can do this. Take what you need and leave the rest behind. Be a sponge and take in what works for you and keep expanding, keep learning, keep making those choices. And of course, keep coming to my workshop haha!
*~ A Note from Meichelle:
I would like to personally like to thank Rhonda Farabee and The Hidden Path, April Elliott and Linda Hiner for their continued love and support!
I also wish to thank Rhonda for the opportunity to be interviewed and you may find her blog at her website, 

Further Reading about The Hidden Path and their many wonderful services and store may be found there as well



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