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It is with utmost appreciation and gratitude that I share these testimonials.
To my clients and my friends I hold you so very profoundly <3
Thank you tremendously for your continued love and support!! 

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"Last summer I had the honor of having Meichelle come to my house for a reading party. I was astonished at how on point she was with everyone. The gift she has is truly amazing and she helped clear up a lot of things in my life as well as everyone else she read. Not only is she a wonderful in her work she does, but shes a wonderful person as well who I'm grateful to now call my friend. No words can truly describe the impact she had on our lives the day she came. All I can really say, from the bottom of my heart, is THANK YOU!!! ~Jennifer Lynn C.
"I will admit I am skeptic when it comes to psychic readings but when I met Meichelle I went in with an open mind. She never pried to ask questions to give me answers I was looking for as other psychics have done. She hit on things that were so accurate that not even my family knew of these things. I never suggest things for others that I don't believe in however I strongly believe Meichelle has the talent that can help other people answer those unknown questions or even just give them a piece of mind."  ~Justin D
"Meichelle, I would so like to add my experiences, with you, to your web site if I could. I have always believed in Psychics and or Mediums, but have always approached with a little skepticism when meeting someone with these abilities for the first time. You my friend have the true gift....The first time that I saw you at the Emerald Chalice you saw a spirit with me, a spirit that I did not want with me, someone that had passed several months prior. You gave me a message from that person, you had never met him or me, you did not know the situation, yet you knew who he was in my life and what you passed from him you could not have gotten from anyone but him. I knew at that moment that this was right, that you were truly what you claimed to be. Since then, you have read me several times and also members of my family, you have told us of things to come that only God would know. You read my Aunt and told her "to the penny" what her house would sell for at auction, which is anyone's guess since it was sold by bid. You explained to my mother what was happening when pictures were falling off walls and she could feel the mattress sink in the night as if someone were crawling into bed. You were there for me the day that I, for no known reason, began to panic and knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that I HAD TO TALK TO YOU no matter what it took. I have never had a moment like that before or since but you knew immediately what was going on inside and what I needed to calm myself. You have told me of money that was coming, when and how it was coming....and it did!! I thank God that we have been brought together you have helped to keep me on the divine path that I was chosen to walk. You are beautiful inside and out, thank you for holding my spiritual hand when I needed it. Forever your friend and fan!"  ~Lisa B
"Meichelle is amazing! Her gifts have changed my life as well as my husband's. Through attending her Positive Manifestation workshops and receiving her advice we have gained the knowledge and tools to exercise the powers we have within ourselves to change , adapt and deal with the worldly struggles we face. Meichelle's true gift is that of healing and empowering each person to achieve the life that they desire through building our own "tool box". She is a talented incredible woman with the biggest heart! Thank you Meichelle!"   ~P.and M. Ryan 
"I just want to say that not only is Meichelle extraordinary in what she does in her spiritual work but she is also a dear friend. I have been to a lot of readers in my life and there are a lot of fakes and phonies out there but Meichelle is NOT one of them..She is truly inspired by the Uppers (as she calls them) and gifted in her ability to receive the messages they communicate to her.." ~Kimberly H. 

"The first time I had a reading with Meichelle, I felt like I was talking to a long lost friend. She explained her gift to me and gave me the chance to ask her questions. Her readings are extremely accurate, from the big things (like moving) to the little things (like hey it's way past time to de-clutter that closet, and in the process you find a lost item). Meichelle is loving, caring, and compassionate. She is definitely the real deal." ~Heather M.
"Meichelle, What can I say about this young lady that those who know her don't know already,and those who need to know her will soon find out. She is the sweetest and more wonderful psychic I have met in person, and I truly believe god brought us together so she may help me cope with the trails and tribulations I am facing in my life. She calms me and tells me how its all going to happen and it does happen just like she says, My time with her flies by like an hour and a half is just not long enough, she is not only a loving psychic but a wonderful woman and mother and I am truly blessed to have her in y life and you would be too. If your looking for honesty and compassion, look no further, Meichelle is the one, I can't wait to see my future unfold and she has seen it, it's going to be amazing, THANK YOU GOD FOR BRINGING THIS WONDERFUL WOMAN INTO MY LIFE."     ~DIANNA F

"Meeting Meichelle at the precisely exact moment in time, that I needed her wisdom is one of those amazing moments in my life. She has helped me immensely with my personal journey. She is such wise and wonderful person, a real blessing. Thank you!!!"  ~Valerie S 
"I had a reading with Meichelle and she was wonderful. She was right on target with her predictions. Meichelle is a very caring person and I would recommend her to anyone who would like a precise reading. She also teaches a class at The Hidden Path. I have been to her class and she is very knowledgeable and helpful and I have learned a lot from her."   ~June B