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Notes from The Uppers

(The Guardians)


July 16, 2015 at 10:20am
Notes from The Uppers
(Question used with permission)


From T:


"Thank you for getting back to me I wasn't sure if quest. like that are allowed not really sure how to put this as its kinda hard to explain. I don't like to talk about my beliefs with people because I believe so different than most people around me. Everyone is freaking out over this new medical development chip they are wanting to implant in every one and all the preachers here are saying its the end of times. I grew up Baptist and they are very hard preachers they scare you more than they show you God's love (that's just my opinion) I am not sure I believe in all the crap about how we are in the end of times and we will see God come back in this life time. (I mean It could happen) but I don't feel it. I don't know if that just makes me weird or not connected. They kinda make God out to be mean and it bothers me. I guess what I am trying to ask is/are we really at the end of times right now?"


The Uppers:


First and foremost Creator is not as the human man perceives of it. Creator is not a thing, but more so, as best we can explain in human terms, Energy.


You are very correct in your wording, that most religions, {altho not only Baptist} share and spread fear of this man made thing that they call “God”.


We use the term "God" loosely and as in an umbrella term as there is much that falls under the definition of that word. Truly the word "God" is only a human word for that of which is much greater and much wiser than one could ever fathom. Creator is like you, never ever, a definition. We concur, Religious teachers do sometimes spread fear into the masses, it is a way and a will to take control of the human and bend that human into conformity.


That is not Creator. Creator, at its core, as we share, is Infinite Intelligence, The All ~




Infinite Intelligence, all loving and all beautiful; always desiring for the human to find true purpose in expansion, understanding and growth.  The humans true identity is through the area of creativity, thought and emotion and to recognize that the human is only a thought form in this place of that which is called Earth. For this reason, in part, not all, is the human meant to undergo a vast exchange of experiences as labelled by man; Good, and bad. We The Uppers, share there is no "good or bad", but life experiences is meant for the purpose of great expansion, growth and greater understanding. "God" as we explain, is all loving and all beautiful; always and ever desiring for the human to find its true purpose and the humans true identity through the area of thought and emotion and to recognize that the human is only a thought form in this place of that which is called Earth. And for this reason is the human meant to undergo a vast exchange of experiences as labelled by man, good, and bad, for the purpose of that of in expansion, growth and greater understanding on a Soul level.


There is no right or wrong way to live one’s life.


Many humans want to know what their true purpose is and almost always forget to look into the mirror and see that they are already living in their purest purpose and still not quite understand. Infinite Intelligence (God, The Absolute) is an expression, an emotion, a feeling, a powerful presence to help, to guide, to give, to manifest, to love, to share love, to have love, to ease, to comfort, to help, to all of the things that most all humans look towards in the outside not ever realizing that all the love that they are looking for, is already inward, inside of them, and through and for the area of expansion for the purpose of larger growth for the Human Soul.


The human soul is also but only a definition, it is not what most consider it to be as most cannot understand nor try to understand exactly what it is that a Soul really is.


Our highest knowledge in sharing this Truth to you , in the manner in which we do, is for the purpose of the Seeker to greater understand not only that of what will happen in future events, but that of their now moments, their expansion.


Time is truly only an illusion; it too is a man-made thing for the purpose of maintaining some sort of strategy for that of waking (consciousness) moments. For Us, The Uppers (Guardians) There is no such thing as time in our realm. We are not of ‘other worldly’ realms, but only in a different dimension parallel to your very own. Just the same as when a loved one makes the transgression into that of ‘the other side’. They are truly not in a ‘place’ but more so for the sake of your own words; in an area of another realm that is parallel to your own.


You ask of that of end times, and we (The Uppers) say and share that each generation is and has had the same thoughts of this ‘end of times’. This is not so true as the Earth will forever go on until as any other star born planet, it too makes its way through and forward to that of things such as The Universe in space.


The end of times is not a real thing.  It is a human thing. Just as true is that there is no Heaven or Hell as most religion would like to insist upon. If there is a ‘hell’ one is already living it, as there is no place in which that is man-made such as this. The same is truth of Heaven. We share in kind, that there is no such place. And if you or any other human, would like to call Heaven a place, it would be that of what or where we are in different dimension, not a place, but as in Energetic Realm.


It is quite difficult to explain in your human terms as we do not use nor need expressions such as yours. We are reaching for your best words to explain for your understanding. The closest word we can use for your understanding is that of “Energetic Realm’”. You have specifically asked us of if there is to be an end of times and in this we can share that no, not in the manner of which that humans, especially those of most religions, are sharing.


There can never ever be an ‘end of times’ for the human, as once they transpire into the realm of what we are explaining and expressing, are there a whole new set of learnings and expansions. The end of times that religion teaches is for the purpose to control the human and strike fear to control that of madness. This is why it does not resonate well for you as at your very own core, you know this absolutely and absolute, at your core, is an untruth being spoken to you. The human body is here for the human experience, however the Soul itself moves onward and transmutes into an altogether different ‘thing’ (Again, for lack of human word).


In worlds past and in times past, your so called ancients too understood on better levels that of which we are explaining. They knew something that today’s human experience does not. This information was not completely passed down in its wholeness from man to man, but more so from Soul to Soul. As humans move forward and begat more and more experiences do they now forget that which they truly are here.


The short answer: For expression. For expansion. For diversity and understandings, through creativity, for that they can and will ascend forward as on a Soul level, but each at their own pace, way, understanding and timing.


The Uppers
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