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 Positive Manifestation and Spiritual Enlightenment Workshop
 with Meichelle

Your Guided Pathway for Your Spiritual Journey, Spiritual Awakening and Manifestations, Meichelle teaches/lectures that Positive Manifestation all begins and ends with you. This is a grand opportunity to learn, grow and meet like-minded people as Meichelle leads you to enfold with knowledge and confidence in a warm and friendly, supportive atmosphere at The Hidden Path in wonderful downtown Struthers Ohio.

At this comprehensively designed on going workshop, Meichelle will endeavor to assist you to learn the grand mechanics of Positive Manifestation and Spiritual Enlightenment. She will undertake to assisting you in illuminating the pathway of your soul by enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of who you are, why we are here, what purpose your life might hold and how to heal past inner hurts in order that one might better travel forward with a more direct and onward connection with your God/Spirit/Higher Self.
Meichelle, a Clairvoyant Medium, Spiritual Counselor and Ordained Minister with an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysical Sciences will attempt to answer some of life’s larger questions as she recognizes the directions of the soul and would like to assist you in strengthening your connection with your God/Spirit/Higher Self so that you may benefit to a better understanding of Spiritual enfoldment through positive manifestation.

Engaging in the journey of Manifestation is not only about finding the right job, attracting your soul mate, or earning a six figure income or indulging in your heart’s desires but also about learning how to gain and access to, and gradually learning to live from, YOUR sacred place within YOU where profound peace and love reside. With exposure to practical and informative lectures and exercises at this workshop, you will be given the opportunity to increase your knowledge, awareness, perfection and skills.

Developing awareness of the presence of your God/Spirit/Higher Self in all that you are is fundamental.
That your God/Spirit/Higher Self does not reside outwardly, but inwardly.
In coming to know about your "Authentic Self” you will also begin to see how you might live your life in ways that make the best use of your own personal power to lead you to fulfill your greatest divine potential.
While we all know that we are here on earth to learn/experience in many ways, exploring Enlightenment will show you not only are you meant to do certain tasks, or that you are meant to have certain relationships, but to pose a purpose, YOUR purpose, exploring your own gifts and strengthening your abilities with your God/Spirit/Higher Self for a better knowledge of how to manifest change or desires into your everyday experiences.
That Enlightenment is not something that you reach, but something that you are!

Through lecture and practical exercises, you will be provided with practical tips and techniques to enhance your knowledge and abilities in these areas.

*Examples of Workshop Content:

The Mechanics of Positive Manifestation, What it is, What it isn’t

Positive Manifestation is a PROCESS, and it begins and ends with YOU

Facing “limits” and how to exceed them

Roots of Emotional Suffering

A Lesson in Compassion 101

Soul Centering Forgiveness and Acceptance

How to identify your present frequency and build a foundation for Spiritual growth

Simple exercises for letting go of the negative energy

Energy and Thought formations and their impacts

Developing the spiritual aspect of Self

Experiencing The Stillness Within Through Meditation and Exercises

Who is the workshop for?

The Positive Manifestation and Spiritual Enlightenment workshop is suitable for people at differing stages of their Spiritual development, for people who want new beginnings and new expectations, and the clarity that goes with it. It is also suitable for those who have already begun their journey into manifestation outlined above who wish to enhance their knowledge.
This is an ongoing workshop that will meet once a month at The Hidden Path in Struthers, Ohio.

A note from Meichelle:

“Let me help you, help yourself with manifesting positive changes into your life. There is a way.. Hope is out here, and this workshop helps those who desire change so very badly. Let me remind you that you are worthy, that you do deserve, and that you are not alone, nor do you have to go it alone..”
Please Call The Hidden Path 
For Dates and to Reserve Seating
$15.00 per seat
Because of the nature of this workshop, seating tends to fill fast!
It is important that you call ahead for seating!!
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